let's do the thang . . . ! 

X if you're looking for a photog that becomes more than your "business partner" than I'm your girl ..

X You are writing directly to ME! I customize EVERY email, every text to your experience. It's not just a robot automated draft that's ready to send. 

X Scared of budget? No problem, shoot me a message and we can literally chat about it all. Every last detail. 

X I love to have fun, be goofy and simply be in the moment. My brain is a constant squirrel lol ((seriously)) but I'm ready for all the action + love !! 

X you get me, every time ... >> meaning 24 hour access | non-stop , always me. IF I ever don't respond right away, I'll be honest its either: I'm asleep, with my family, or another client. But I'm always there for your needs, questions + concerns! 

X I'm your hype girl, your extra bridesmaid **with a camera** ;) .. I'm to help, guide + capture every moment on your BEST DAY EVER!!! 

are you ready?!


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