well, hello there :)

Hey you! EKK!! I'm so excited you're here!! Whether you're a fan of mine through IG or FB , know me personally OR literally just meeting me for the first time, H I !!!! 😍😍😍

I'm Lindsay, owner of Timber Rose Photography. Wife to an amazing husband and mama to two ornery sweetheart boys! ((with 5 babes up in heaven)) ....

I live in a small town called Minier. A quiet + peaceful little area, where the neighbors are friendly + the kids are safe. We have two fur babes : Kiara (aussie) and Bandit (duschand) 👉🏻needless to say, our lives are BIZZAAAY!!! | b u t | I absolutely love every minute of it: the chaos, trouble, non-stop going of 24/7. We have this saying in my house that we go literally from "son up to son down" and every bit of it is true 100% 😂

So, here we are. You reading this - me writing it. WHY?

I've always enjoyed writing (in this case typing) lol ... it's been a way for me to truly, on a deep intimate level express every ounce of emotion that's crossed my path in life. It always me to honestly "think freely" without the worry or judgement of someone saying "you got some problems" ((i mean, don't we all?)) It's the same thing that happens to you when you read a book, you get lost in the words of it OR listen to music, it speaks to you. Writing is like that for me. It frees me to literally pause in my chaos, my emotions and just put it all out there. Every little bit of it. The truth, the raw, the pain. All of it. Because in the past 15 years, I've learned IF I don't -- then I'm not good. I can't be myself. I can't wife, mother, believe, do good, see good when I'm not good. Simple as that.


Writing / Blogging whatever you want to call it has been on my mind for a LONG time now. It's apart of me that wants to help + bless others. Because I mean, truly - we've all gone through a time in our lives, where we just needed an out. Am I right? Be honest. When your fur babe dies, spouse, you didn't get that dream job you were longing for, your fiancé cheated on you (heaven forbid!) or you simply stopped valuing yourself and wanted - out. We've all been there + non of us can judge each other AT ALL because we've not once placed ourselves in that other persons shoes or path to determine if they need saving or not. Y. O. U. are my why peeps. 👏🏻 **READ THAT AGAIN** 👏🏻 YOU. You deserve love, affirmation, respect, and total worthiness that you are valued and seen. This world has lost it. Lost the appreciation, the mutual respect for one another, the adoration of simple human beings having souls and that we just need to lift each other up sometimes and forget about who we are, where we came from + why we're "better" // YEP! I said it! //

So that's that .. in a nutshell 😊 I'm real, raw + authentic. I don't sugar coat anything because I hate when people do it to me. I want to share my journey, my emotions with you because it helps ME realize that I, myself am not alone. I don't need to go down a deep dark rabbit whole + feel incomplete. >> (now, don't get me wrong, it's OK to grieve + mourn in the process of how you feel you need to get over something) but, I have friends and family that have helped SO much along my travels . Sometimes in both good + bad ways. God has put people in your life for a reason . It's how they stick with you through the seasons of your life that makes your journey so much easier to walk in. 🙌🏻

So get ready. Each week, I'll be bringing ya a topic to read. And if it doesn't apply to you, that's ok. I won't get offended if you don't read it ;) I promise. All I ask, is that you simply pause in your life state - think about the good and the bad that's brought you here to this exact moment. Take a deep breath + remember that YOU. ARE. LOVED. Truly .. don't roll your eyes at me and say " ya, if you only knew" ((that's a later topic, hehe)) .. But you're right, I don't know - but would love to know ! Reach out to me, because I love you + God loves you. Whether you want to believe it or not, I do + He does. We are all rooted together for some reason, somehow - it's time to start building the strongest rooted tree + make a community so strong and empowering that it's like our own freakin force field of superheros just lifting one another up.

are you in?? 😏

XO | Lindsay

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